Elderly Couple is looking for a full time /Live on the property couple to care for their needs “Inside” their 6000 square foot home in Hunting Valley, Ohio.   The principals are in residence for 6 months out of the year (spring and summer months).


  • Cook/ Chef like cooking (presenting the food very nice )
  • Setting a nice table
  • Errands
  • Driving the Mr. and Mrs. to the golf course, hair appt., etc.
  • Grocery shopping
  • Polishing silver
  • Overseeing outside contractors while they are in the home
  • oversee housekeeper that does the deep cleaning once a week
  • Some laundry and cleaning will be needed.
  • Communicate with family members.
  • Vehicle Care
  • Mixing Cocktails
  • when guest are in town, attend to their needs as well

Housing is attached to the home (Nice bedroom, living area, large bathroom), couple will eat when the principals eat (just make more for yourself).

There are two vehicles two drive the principals and run errands.  If you need a vehicle you may use them respectfully.

THe principals travel to South Georgia in the winter time and you will not be expected to travel with them.

Any Other staff that will be needed in the future will be hired.

$110,000 to $150,000

Insurance stipend.