Executive Personal Assistant
Full Job Description


Executive Personal Assistant
Full-time, 40 hours / week, Monday – Friday some Weekends. Chicago, Illinois, (Naperville) USA


Primary responsibilities will include ensuring the smooth running of the household, performing administrative and household tasks. Resume must identify relevant qualifications.


  • ●  Dry cleaning, shopping, deliveries.
  • ●  Shipping and tracking various packages; manage returns.
  • ●  Personal shopping as requested.


  • ●  Perform weekly walkthroughs using household checklists to identify action items.
  • ●  Schedule and work closely with building staff on various household vendors and contractors.
  • ●  Maintain a household vendor list. Build strong relationships with area vendors.
  • ●  Coordinate other household staff and assist with monthly schedules.
  • ●  Identify and oversee various household projects as needed.
  • ●  Keep an inventory of all household supplies (light bulbs, batteries, cleaning supplies), and restock as needed. Be mindful of expiration dates.
  • ●  Keep an inventory of personal items for principals, and restock as needed.
  • ●  Assist with inventory of all items in storage.
  • ●  Maintain an approved products list for home and personal items, including sourcing information.
  • ●  Shop for household items as needed.
  • ●  Secure residence at end of the day when needed – all doors locked, security system armed.
  • ●  Light household chores.
  • ●  Prepare home for occasional events. Coordinate with vendors for holiday decor (Halloween, Christmas).

    Home Office:

  • ●  Respond to incoming calls and greet guests.
  • ●  Demonstrate excellent email etiquette, concise and accurate communications.
  • ●  Blind copy email messages to Principals. Maintain strictest confidences–never disclose Principals’ contact information.


  • ●  Track birthdays and other important dates.
  • ●  Purchase gifts, develop and maintain gift tracker, and review and audit receipts.
  • ●  Prepare and submit expense reports.
  • ●  Occasional wardrobe maintenance, i.e., schedule tailor, cobbler, etc.
  • ●  Work with travel concierge and accountant as needed.
  • ●  Plan and coordinate family activities and events.
  • ●  Assist with personal archival projects.


  • ●  Vault-like ability to maintain confidentiality and be ultra discreet.
  • ●  Graduate of a 4-year college or university preferred. Hospitality Management or Business Management Preferred.
  • ●  Typical: 10 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. work schedule, with the flexibility to work weekends and evenings.
  • ●  Strong work ethic, reliable, punctual, and honest. Practical and efficient.
  • ●  Technically savvy. Familiar with Google Suite and Microsoft Office. Resourceful in terms of internet search and online shopping.
  • ●  Comfortable with iPhone or Android, including texting, camera phone, and smartphone apps.
  • ●  Highly organized, meticulous, detail-oriented and thorough. Able to multitask and prioritize well.
  • ●  Positive attitude, team player, capable of working well with a vast array of high-quality vendors.
  • ●  Excellent command of the English language, both written and spoken.
  • ●  Personable and polite, with excellent people skills.
  • ●  Proactively identifies and resolves problems.
  • ●  Able to work independently, but takes direction well from Principals.
  • ●  Able to perform physical, hands-on tasks in order to assist the household and staff office to run well. Must be able to lift 40 pounds.
  • ●  Flexible and able to accommodate spontaneous changes to routines and plans.
  • ●  Able to travel with Principals to assist.
  • ●  Long-term intent.
  • ●  Able to work legally in the United States, with a valid passport, driver’s license, and clean driving record.
  • ●  Able to travel with little notice. Registration with the US Global Entry Program a real plus.
  • ●  Able to withstand deep background, credit, and reference checks.
  • ●  Willing to take a pre-employment physical, psychological exam and drug screen.

Very nice salary,  commensurate to experience. Potential benefits.