Family looking for a Full-Time Domestic Couple for their seasonal home in Hampton, Virginia.

  1. Roles & Responsibilities –
    1. Regular/Ongoing
      1. Starting checklist
        1. Daily House Walk Through- pipes, A/C Units, Upstairs Walk-outs, lights out
        2. Daily Grounds Walk Through- pipes, dock structure, lights out, etc.
        3. Check Security feeds/
        4. Check Occupancy Calendar- Plan accordingly
        5. Upkeep of ph for pool and hot tub
        6. Accept package deliveries (i.e. sign as needed, put in house, etc.)
        7. Set out garbage and recycle
        8. Collect mail
        9. Grounds and House Service Providers
          • “Light” grounds work as needed (i.e. maintain fountain, decks are clean and ready for use, basic debris pickup, etc.) – depending on capabilities of individual additional grounds work could be included (i.e. mowing, trimming, etc.)
          • communication with grounds/house for cleaning/maintenance crews
          • open the house/grounds for crews
          • Make sure work done well and house/grounds closed up
            • Mutually agreed upon times/dates
            • Service providers paid directly by owners or via cc provided to you by owners
  1. Weekly Communication via email to owner contact
    • Maintain Ongoing Repair/To-Do List – perform basic handy man work

Person must be knowledgeable enough in basic house maintenance to effectively “interact” with any work crews.

  • Urgent items via phone
  1. Owners’ and Owners’ Family Visits – Most Often
    1. Checklist to be Provided for Before and After Stay
      • Cleaning crew
        • Open up/close house/lights
      • Make beds
      • Set up bathrooms with towels, etc
      • Light food shopping or delivery if requested
      • Welcome Family on day of arrival/asap
      • Laundry of all sheets, towels, etc., after stay
  1. Overnight Stay  More “Hands On”
    1. Owners’ “Employee”- Occasional
    2. Checklist Provided
      1. Prior to arrival:
        • Book Cleaning crew
        • Block off rooms not to be used
        • Prep bathrooms, bedrooms & kitchen with necessary items
          • Make beds
          • Soaps/Shampoos/Sundries
          • Coffee/Tea/Waters
        • Lock up any noted indoor or outdoor items.
      2. At time of guest arrival
        • Welcome house guests and tour the house
        • Provide “Welcome Packet” (owner created)
        • Provide keys/codes for entry and exit
      3. During Guest Stay
        • Once Daily house Walk-Through Service
          • After Lunch?
          • Kitchen Check- replenish coffee/tea/water
          • Bathroom Check- replenish Towels?
  1. After Guest Stay
    • Cleaning crew if indicated
      • Open up/close house
    • Do Laundry


Nice salary and benefits.