I am a highly motivated individual, with integrity and a strong sense of work ethic. My qualifications for this position are based upon a combination of my personal and executive assistant experience and household and office management. My knowledge and understanding of both professions allows me to conduct all business activities in strict accordance with any establishment’s missions and values, making continuous improvements on prioritizing and adjusting to the demanding changes of my employers.

I am seeking a full time position as House Manager/Personal Assistant with an individual or family to offer my professional services and care. I am a highly motivated individual, with integrity and a strong sense of work ethic. My qualifications for this position are based upon a combination of my personal and executive assistant experience in both household and office management. My knowledge and understanding of both professions allows me to conduct all business activities in strict accordance with any establishment’s missions and values, making continuous improvements on prioritizing and adjusting to the demanding changes of my employers.

Over the past thirteen years I have been managing personal and business clients in their homes and business from Beverly Hills, CA to Atlanta, GA. I am a self-starter and have a take-charge personality with a can do attitude. I appreciate high standards of cleanliness and orderliness.  I believe in team work, keeping in tune with employee morale and I am always willing to wear many hats.

I am 35, single with no dependents so I can travel as required throughout the U.S. and my passport is current for international travel.

I am a dedicated, discreet, energetic and loyal employee, who has been in private service since 2001. I have the ability to anticipate the things needed and to be prepared for most any eventuality. I am capable of initiative beyond my outlined job description and seek to be engaged in productive work at all times. My references will attest to the fact that I am equally honest and hard working. I have managed offices, supervised staff, prepared inventories, set schedules for seasonal maintenance, maintained expenditures, overseen vendor work, planned menus and events. No task is too mundane – dry cleaning, shopping, floral arrangements, vehicle maintenance, pet care. I have arranged moves, both packing and unpacking.

As a graduate of the Culinary Inst. of America my chef skills range to all types of cuisine and am particularly adept at adjusting for dietary restrictions or allergies. I enjoy not just making food that tastes good, but looks appealing as well.

I have cared for clients in declining health, assisted with medications and exercise, doctor visits and helped in the compliance of their instruction. Cleanliness and organization are of prime concern, at all times.

My demeanor is quiet, but will communicate well. I work efficiently, to create as little disturbance as possible. I have traveled the world and am sensitive to a variety of cultures. I look forward to being a valuable addition to the smooth running of a household.

Daisy is a private companion caregiver with fifteen years of experience working in private homes.  She is prepared to devote herself to a wonderful individual or couple.

Daisy has enjoyed homemaking for many years and can be depended upon for cooking, light housekeeping, organizing, shopping and driving.  Her previous clients have enjoyed the healthy meals she prepared for them.  She also has experience making special diets palatable and loves serving tea, luncheon or dinner to family and guests.

Keeping the house neat is a joy to her.  She takes direction well and can organize areas that need attention. She is compassionate and deals with people in positive and gentle ways.  Daisy has a sunny disposition and has been described as a “Lady par excellence”.

Daisy is also a good driver and willing to take trips near or far.  Her passport is up to date if travel abroad is required.

She is conscientious and has experience with end of life care, medication management and follow through with Doctor recommendations.

She is seeking a live-in caregiver position in a private home to provide homemaking and companion care for an individual or couple.

I’m Troy, I have spent the past 16 years managing a campus of church properties including a 100 year old building and new construction.  I hosted community groups, fundraising banquets, and weddings on a regular basis, coordinating the custodial staff, decorating committees, and caterers. Hospitality and Public relations is a big part of what I do.  I am proficient in security systems, Audio visual systems and HVAC systems.  During this same time I owned a handyman company and a limousine company.  I am very capable of managing the various aspects of your estate while also being able to be hands on and take care of tasks myself when the situation calls.

The most important aspect of my career has been the relationships with the people I work with. I take pride in knowing the staff and principals and what they care about. I enjoy rolling up my sleeves and working alongside staff to accomplish what ever task is at hand. I am a emotionally secure induvial and do not need to lord over staff thereby creating an efficient team that has solid relationships and work together to run an estate smoothly.

I practice a wide range of adventure type hobbies that include skydiving, scuba diving, backpacking, and martial arts just to name a few. I exercise the same level of adventure and passion in my work as I do in my play.  Spend some time with me and I’m sure you will see that I can bring an enthusiasm to your property and staff that you would make you proud. I hope to find a place to serve with the same loyalty and longevity that I have experienced in the past.

I offer a strong management skill set, a desire of excellence in service and high character. I am looking for a long-term position that will allow me to offer my energetic, creative and positive can do attitude.  I am a young 39-year-old man with nothing to prevent dedication to my career.

I have an ability to encourage staff to work hard, efficiently and happily and understand staff budget control and can adjust accordingly. I have an eye for estate details that is beneficial to landscaping and or household fixtures. I have a thought process of cutting costly and or adjusting and seeking new cost saving functions, systems, staff, utilities, supplies and venders.

Because I have great leadership skills, an adept mind for budget control and show a crisp clean look, I find myself in management or supervisory rolls with every employer past & present. I also carried a personal assistant roll while I served in the military for my company commander.

I have managed staff on an up close basis of 22, but as an entire staff of 60. I have learned my profession from the ground up, so I can step in and offer training through hands on situations or verbal as required. I have experience managing staff, budgets, purchasing, utilities/supplies and inventory for multimillion-dollar corporations and along with my experience with multimillion-dollar estates I feel I can combine the two experiences and be a candidate worth consideration.

Thank you


With over 18 years experience within the domestic household management field I bring to the job a diversified background of knowledge. Along with hiring, training and maintaining households, I have been in charge of hiring and overseeing contractors involved with construction and remodeling the properties. Some of the things I have enjoyed over the years have been helping in the planning of all aspects for weddings, birthdays and special corporate events. Because of the diversified area that I would be involved in I consolidated my record keeping according to the special project or event.

Prior to my career in the private sector I had extensive training in the Hotel and Restaurant field. From this background I feel that I bring good commitment skills and the ability to work with others.

I am able at this time to accept a new position.

Cynthia and Paul are discreet and a reliable couple looking for a Hands-On domestic couples position. They both come with experience working together in a home and separate positions. Cynthia’s skills are as follows: Preparing meals, cleaning, budgeting, serving, organizing, laundry, taking care of travel itineraries, etc. Paul’s skills are as follows: Building, grounds, alarm systems, power tools, serving, oversee construction projects, oversee outside contractors, pool, care, errands, auto care, etc. They both maintain a high standard of work ethic and are very dedicated to the owners to ensure safety and problem free when running the estate. They are child friendly and pet friendly.

After a lengthy and much traveled career in the hotel and restaurant field we came to the realm of private service some 23 years ago.

After having spent 5 years as Chef and gaining much knowledge in a Royal Household my wife and I decided to work as a team and arrived in USA November 1992, we are now American Citizens.

We have managed successfully a diverse range of homes ranging in size from 5000. square feet to one of 34,000 square ft. on fourteen acres of landscaped grounds.

Over the last seven years preparing meals has been limited as I have had more managerial tasks to perform, at most I cooked once to twice a week, added to that were our employers busy lifestyle that did not did need meals on a regular basis.

We have supervised contractors specifically; landscapers, interior & exterior painters, audio/visual and electronic companies, security and ensured that repairs and installations were expedited in a timely manner. Maintained accurate accounts for cash, credit and checking on a monthly basis.

I have made certain that all motor vehicles were well maintained, clean and serviced at the appropriate times eg. Mercedes, BMW, Aston Martin, Range Rover and Acura MDX and had the correct paper work in place and functioning Fastrack transponders.

We can both serve at informal and formal table service.

My wife has supervised housekeeping staff and written manuals where appropriate , but can also take care of a home on her own, likes to be involved with projects and is a good organizer, clothing, paperwork, filing, typing and keeping appointment dates etc.

She has been responsible for co-ordination of prescriptions, speaking with doctors and confirming appointments. She is artistic and enjoys creating floral arrangements for gatherings and holidays and is also a handy seamstress. We have cared for fine clothing, furniture/ antiques and artworks of great value and carry out our duties in a professional manner with English charm and a touch of Southern hospitality.

Jimmy and Wanda, started a professional cleaning service over 18 years ago. So they know what it takes to work as a team and have a sharp eye to see what needs to be done. They did extensive cleaning, managed the finances and public relations.

For the past 7 years they worked in private homes as a live in couple. They’re considered to be very organized, punctual and manage their time wisely. In their present job Jimmy does property managing for an estate that has 12 building plus the primary house. This includes 8 kitchens and 20 bathrooms. He keeps them stocked, cleaned and in good repair always ready for use. Wanda does the house managing. Cleaning, cooking and serving two meals a day, an occasional luncheon or a tea for guest. She does errands, grocery shopping, menu planning, flower arranging and cares for house plants. This is a partial list of their duties and abilities.

Jimmy and Wanda are available and looking for a full time live-in position as an Estate Couple.

Our experience has included, but is not limited to the following:

  • Household Management, Administrative, and Organizational skills.
  • Self-starters and very goal oriented, bringing a professional and intuitive proficiency towards implementing the owner’s vision.
  • We enjoy preparing beautiful wholesome food, for serving in formal and informal style.
  • Proficient in all areas relating to the upkeep and management of multiple grand estates. Traditional European training.
  • Flexible and enjoy arranging everything for maintain a calm management and ability to move projects forward cost effectively with creativity, and willingness to learn, and consistently remain courteous, responsive, discrete and loyal.
  • Butler duties including planning and supervision of small and big parties and bartending.
  • Care of fine garments, antiques and silver pieces.
  • Chauffeuring and car care. Running errands including groceries shopping and household supplies maintenance.
  • General handyman in all areas requiring immediate maintenance.