I am a dedicated, discreet, energetic and loyal employee, who has been in private service since 2001. I have the ability to anticipate the things needed and to be prepared for most any eventuality. I am capable of initiative beyond my outlined job description and seek to be engaged in productive work at all times. My references will attest to the fact that I am equally honest and hard working. I have managed offices, supervised staff, prepared inventories, set schedules for seasonal maintenance, maintained expenditures, overseen vendor work, planned menus and events. No task is too mundane – dry cleaning, shopping, floral arrangements, vehicle maintenance, pet care. I have arranged moves, both packing and unpacking.

As a graduate of the Culinary Inst. of America my chef skills range to all types of cuisine and am particularly adept at adjusting for dietary restrictions or allergies. I enjoy not just making food that tastes good, but looks appealing as well.

I have cared for clients in declining health, assisted with medications and exercise, doctor visits and helped in the compliance of their instruction. Cleanliness and organization are of prime concern, at all times.

My demeanor is quiet, but will communicate well. I work efficiently, to create as little disturbance as possible. I have traveled the world and am sensitive to a variety of cultures. I look forward to being a valuable addition to the smooth running of a household.

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