Mr. Jeffrey Marriott is a unique combination of solid technical skills, graceful service and pro-active management. As a butler, valet and personal assistant, Mr. Marriott is an intelligent problem-solver, with an eye for details, a mind for figures and an ability to handle repairs as smoothly as he gives professional service.

Originally from the Pittsburgh area, Mr. Marriott is the youngest of three boys. His father still lives in the Pittsburgh area. “My life in the service industry, and more importantly, my understanding of my service heart became evident during my first regular job at the local grocery store”, recalls Mr. Marriott “The owner had me perform more personalized jobs. I’d detail his cars, cut his putting greens, take care of his parents’ cars, and generally take care of more personal and detail oriented aspects of the job. But even more typically, I enjoyed bagging groceries and carrying them out for the customers. I enjoyed doing a good job and helping people, even in small ways. I had that job for my last three years of high school, until I went to Thiel College, a small liberal arts college located in Greenville, Pennsylvania. Even working in the library when I was in college, I enjoyed helping people with their research and finding their sources.”

After college, Mr. Marriott went to work for a small summer resort on the shores of Lake Erie. Starting off by tending bar in the lounge, Mr. Marriott took on additional maintenance duties during the day for the small amusement park on the property. After a few years, Mr. Marriott moved into the front office, creating the Office Manager position. cot only did he handle all of the administrative duties, including the extensive State paperwork required for an amusement park, he applied his maintenance knowledge to diligent and knowledgeable vendor management and equipment purchases.

Over the years, Mr. Marriott was drawn to private service, and in 1999, he attended Butler training in London, England. Adding a gracious side to his service style, Mr. Marriott began managing a small plantation in Mississippi, until his principals required more medical attention than he could give. Always considerate of their needs, Mr. Marriott gave eight months notice before leaving the position t relocate to Las Vegas. In Las Vegas, Mr. Marriott was Butler/Valet a very high profile gentleman.

Friendly but never familiar, Mr. Marriott is self-directed, detail-oriented and able to plan ahead for the needs of the property, guests and his principals. “I’m very good at wearing many different hats,” emphasizes Mr. Marriott. “And I really enjoy being flexible. That’s what previous employers liked best about me, and it’s what makes me ideal for private service.”

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