Karina is passionate about great food. She has worked in private homes and aboard luxury sailing yachts for over 12 years of continuous travel; she has lived and cooked in the UK, Europe, Mediterranean, Caribbean and the east coast of America. Karina designs and prepares light, healthy innovative dishes using the freshest ingredients available. She specializes in Mediterranean, Asian, Fusion, authentic Italian, and is accomplished in catering for vegetarian, vegan and many “free-from” diets as well as target-specific diets. She is knowledgeable in food nutrition values, has a keen interest in super-foods, makes her own herb and spice blends, cereals and energy bars and is constantly seeking healthy alternative ingredients that maximize flavor and minimize high fat and sugar content, yet maintain the balance that comes with great tasting food.

An Australian-born farmer’s daughter, Karina grew up in the kitchen and garden and is passionate about locally-sourced seasonal produce—not only for its superior taste and quality also for the higher nutrient value which is the direct result achieved by small, environmentally conscience local farmers.

Karina has recently married and is very happy to call Boston, Massachusetts home.

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