Caretaker and Ranch Staffing

Take on full responsibility for the property, livestock and capital improvements. This person should have full knowledge of the workings of the ranch or farm type that he or she is seeking employment on whether it is horse, cattle, crop, hay or other. Preventative maintenance for building and equipment is essential as is properly scheduled livestock care (i.e. shoeing horses, injections, feeding, watering, etc).

A ranch manager will be responsible for hiring, training and managing other staff as needed.

This position is typically live in for security and emergency purposes.

Many ranch managers come with their own horses, dogs and families. This is a lifestyle choice for many and as the price of agricultural land continues to increase many have left the home place to manage land for others. Ranch/Farm managers typically come form a farming or ranching background and have extensive hands on experience.

There is not Monday-Friday 9-5 hours on ranches and experienced ranch managers know this. The compensation should reflect the duties, acreage, livestock and property for which the manager is responsible.