The Housekeeper is responsible for the overall cleanliness and maintenance of the home.  There may be a ranking order such as Executive Housekeeper, and then house servants that housekeep and report directly to that manager.  Duties of a Housekeeper may include:

  • Thorough disinfecting and cleaning of entire house.
  • Dust surfaces and polish woods.
  • Careful cleaning maintenance of antiques and other fine craft work.
  • Cleans specific to manufacturer’s suggested methods.
  • Vacuum and wax floors.
  • Proper maintenance of rugs and carpeting.
  • Turn down beds in the evening.
  • Maintain household cleaning product inventory.
  • Report need for major contractor cleaning such as blinds, windows or carpeting.
  • Make beds and straighten bedrooms.
  • Schedule of linen changes.
  • Inventory of linens and proper care.
  • Care for furniture fabrics, drapes and such.
  • May do laundry, ironing and light tailoring. (if no Laundress)
  • Care for fine silver, china and other precious service utensils and dining ware.
  • Runs errands as necessary.
  • Keeps outdoor social areas clean.
  • May assist with meal serving and preparation for social functions.