Peter has four years experience in the private field chauffeuring and protecting various types of individuals and currently has three years experience in law enforcement. This experience allows him to adapt to many different people and situations.

Peter is a very organized individual with excellent communication, planning and interpersonal skills. While employed by a family in Florida, Peter took part in planning and making travel arrangements for both local and international trips. He was also responsible for conducting advance route surveys prior to the clients arrival at certain functions.

Peter is an honest, hardworking professional who has a college degree as well as formal executive protection training in Europe. He has experience with many types of automobiles, including stretch limousines, foreign exotics, passenger and mini vans as well as SUV’s. Peter holds a valid chauffeurs license with an impeccable record and has training in both defensive and pursuit driving.

Peter is seeking a position as a Chauffeur/Bodyguard/Personal assistant with an individual, couple or family to whom he can commit himself in a close personal working relationship. He is willing to work unusual hours and is free to travel if necessary. Peter can promise his employer integrity, loyalty and confidentiality. The safety and comfort of his employer is his paramount concern and responsibility.