I’m Troy, I have spent the past 16 years managing a campus of church properties including a 100 year old building and new construction.  I hosted community groups, fundraising banquets, and weddings on a regular basis, coordinating the custodial staff, decorating committees, and caterers. Hospitality and Public relations is a big part of what I do.  I am proficient in security systems, Audio visual systems and HVAC systems.  During this same time I owned a handyman company and a limousine company.  I am very capable of managing the various aspects of your estate while also being able to be hands on and take care of tasks myself when the situation calls.

The most important aspect of my career has been the relationships with the people I work with. I take pride in knowing the staff and principals and what they care about. I enjoy rolling up my sleeves and working alongside staff to accomplish what ever task is at hand. I am a emotionally secure induvial and do not need to lord over staff thereby creating an efficient team that has solid relationships and work together to run an estate smoothly.

I practice a wide range of adventure type hobbies that include skydiving, scuba diving, backpacking, and martial arts just to name a few. I exercise the same level of adventure and passion in my work as I do in my play.  Spend some time with me and I’m sure you will see that I can bring an enthusiasm to your property and staff that you would make you proud. I hope to find a place to serve with the same loyalty and longevity that I have experienced in the past.

I offer a strong management skill set, a desire of excellence in service and high character. I am looking for a long-term position that will allow me to offer my energetic, creative and positive can do attitude.  I am a young 39-year-old man with nothing to prevent dedication to my career.

I have an ability to encourage staff to work hard, efficiently and happily and understand staff budget control and can adjust accordingly. I have an eye for estate details that is beneficial to landscaping and or household fixtures. I have a thought process of cutting costly and or adjusting and seeking new cost saving functions, systems, staff, utilities, supplies and venders.

Because I have great leadership skills, an adept mind for budget control and show a crisp clean look, I find myself in management or supervisory rolls with every employer past & present. I also carried a personal assistant roll while I served in the military for my company commander.

I have managed staff on an up close basis of 22, but as an entire staff of 60. I have learned my profession from the ground up, so I can step in and offer training through hands on situations or verbal as required. I have experience managing staff, budgets, purchasing, utilities/supplies and inventory for multimillion-dollar corporations and along with my experience with multimillion-dollar estates I feel I can combine the two experiences and be a candidate worth consideration.

Thank you


With over 18 years experience within the domestic household management field I bring to the job a diversified background of knowledge. Along with hiring, training and maintaining households, I have been in charge of hiring and overseeing contractors involved with construction and remodeling the properties. Some of the things I have enjoyed over the years have been helping in the planning of all aspects for weddings, birthdays and special corporate events. Because of the diversified area that I would be involved in I consolidated my record keeping according to the special project or event.

Prior to my career in the private sector I had extensive training in the Hotel and Restaurant field. From this background I feel that I bring good commitment skills and the ability to work with others.

I am able at this time to accept a new position.

My name is Christopher Wear and for the better part of the past thirty years, my life has revolved around the love of food and cooking. I started as a dishwasher and prep cook in a small French restaurant in upstate NY at the age of 10 and just kept going. I have traveled and cooked in a multitude of different restaurants and private settings all over the USA and the Caribbean. Over the years, my guests have been some of the most famous and influential people in the world.

I am a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, whose most recent experiences have been as manager and chef of a private estate and as chef aboard private yachts.  My focus and goal is to create meals that are not only pleasing to the eye and palette, but also fulfill dietary and nutritional needs.  I take particular pleasure in producing dishes that display the harvest of the season, using the freshest of local ingredients.

In the role of estate manager, I utilized my firsthand knowledge of mechanical contracting and construction, as well as, years of experience in the proper use and maintenance of machinery and tools. As a proactive, resourceful self starter and former proprietor of two catering companies, I employ the skills necessary for the effective organization and management of staff, resources and time, in order to operate a successful and efficient estate and/or business operation.

Having relocated from Florida this autumn, in order to be closer to family, I am currently looking for a new position as private chef and/or estate manager.  Although food is my true passion and forte, I am open to and welcome additional responsibilities.