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Finding The Right Luggage for your Boss.

Does everyone need Louis Vuitton Luggage? To all of my house managers, personal assistants, and companions you can easily recall a time a client called upon your expertise and advice when they go to make a decision. Whether it be fashion, event, or otherwise; you add value to them by being knowledgeable across many avenues […]


Addiction Guide for Household Professionals

The Robert Hanselman Domestic Agency has been approached by various domestic professionals on how to handle certain situations. When it comes to the abuse of medication, alcohol, etc. we have found every situation is different. Please take the time to read what we suggest and who we recommend contacting with regards to addiction problems and […]


Quarantine Resume Tips

For the team at The Robert Hanselman Domestic Staffing Agency, this has proven to be one of the most unusual times we have ever experienced, much like the rest of our society. As we prepare for a comeback, it is important to remember your greatest asset is you. As an advisor to domestic candidates and […]

A Thank You Note…How Important Is It?

You know the feeling, you have been there before, when you get the mail and something besides a bill or junk mail greets you. This little spark of mail joy is different in shape from the rest, maybe an interesting color, and is labeled with someone’s handwriting. Receiving a thank you note from someone after […]

1099 or W2

Making the right decision when a Principal wants you to be a 1099 employee. Every year I receive phone calls from candidates (Butlers, House Managers, Estate Managers, etc.) who have been confronted by their potential new principal who state they want to have the staff on a 1099 employment.  This is a situation where you […]

Butler vs. House Manager

Congratulations, you are recognized personally and professionally as a domestic genius. When it comes to organization, perfection, and attention to detail, you have it all. As you reach that point in your career where you are ready to step into a larger role that will benefit from your skills, the options are endless, however it […]

Butler vs. Yacht Steward

If you are ready to add a butler or interior professional to your estate or home, a great place that the Robert Hanselman Domestic Agency works alongside with for great candidates is the yachting industry. It should come as no surprise that many of our candidates have spent time in the yachting industry as they […]

Hanselman Wins Domestic Estate Management Association Agency of the Year

Atlanta Agency Receives Top Recognition Peers Vote Robert Hanselman Domestic Agency #1 ATLANTA, GA (October 22, 2014) – The Atlanta-based Robert Hanselman Domestic Agency was named nationwide agency of the year for 2014 by the Domestic Estate Managers Association at their annual convention, held this year in Orlando, Florida this month. The Domestic Estate Managers […]

Father and Son looking for a Butler/Companion – Rhode Island

Father (82) and Son (in his 50’s) are looking for a Butler/Companion to care for their 7000 square foot home in Rhode Island.  The Son is looking for someone to make the father’s life easier and run the duties associated with laundering, cleaning and meal preparation and maintain household.  Also, oversee all outside contractors, drive […]