Is A Resume Enough? Will this give you the edge? You can showcase yourself as a Butler, Estate Manager, Household Manager, Private Chef, in a website custom built for you.

  If you are currently looking to be hired as household professional staff, watch this video to learn why putting “Hired” and “Fired” on your resume is not best practice.

  If you are looking for hire household professional staff here are some tips that may help get you started. 1. Job Description 2. What frustrates you most about your current staff 3. Keep communication going with your agency you are working with…

  The age old saying of “never mix friends and money” is wise and well known for a reason; money often adds a layer of to any relationship, personal or professional. In professional settings it is important for all parties involved to set the tone for how the use of employer provided funds is handled […]

Don't Talk Too Much

Seriously, Shut the %*!& up ! My friend and business associate, David Gonzalez, and I worked on a placement together and we had a few candidates blow the interview because they talked way too much during the interview. All of these candidates are excellent private service professionals. However, no one would even consider hiring them […]

Does everyone need Louis Vuitton Luggage? To all of my house managers, personal assistants, and companions you can easily recall a time a client called upon your expertise and advice when they go to make a decision. Whether it be fashion, event, or otherwise; you add value to them by being knowledgeable across many avenues […]