Jimmy and Wanda, started a professional cleaning service over 18 years ago. So they know what it takes to work as a team and have a sharp eye to see what needs to be done. They did extensive cleaning, managed the finances and public relations.

For the past 7 years they worked in private homes as a live in couple. They’re considered to be very organized, punctual and manage their time wisely. In their present job Jimmy does property managing for an estate that has 12 building plus the primary house. This includes 8 kitchens and 20 bathrooms. He keeps them stocked, cleaned and in good repair always ready for use. Wanda does the house managing. Cleaning, cooking and serving two meals a day, an occasional luncheon or a tea for guest. She does errands, grocery shopping, menu planning, flower arranging and cares for house plants. This is a partial list of their duties and abilities.

Jimmy and Wanda are available and looking for a full time live-in position as an Estate Couple.

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